Adria has been designing and manufacturing recreational vehicles for over fifty years. This experience and the passion and skills of our workforce, really matter when designing and manufacturing your next vehicle.  Adria practices intelligent design, which optimizes the use of technology, the best construction methods and materials. Innovatively-styled vehicles with contemporary interiors as well as unique Adria solutions like Smart kitchens and hotel-style ergonomic bathrooms.  Adria operates the most advanced production facilities in the industry, ISO 9001 & 14001 certified for quality and environmental standards. Here, world class manufacturing techniques and processes are operated, for designed-in and built-in quality.  Adria vehicles have a reputation for quality, reliability and durability using proven automotive manufacturing techniques. We make most of our own furniture and quality control the entire vehicle manufacturing process. Adria products continue to win independent awards for design, innovation, quality and value for money.

Designed for living

Details matter

In designing a recreational vehicle, details matter and every centimetre counts. The science of layouts and construction, so that everything is in the right place, is learned over decades and Adria brings this experience to every vehicle.

Only Adria offers innovative solutions such as our Smart kitchens, hotel-style 'Ergo' bathrooms, a wide selection of sleeping solutions, optimized and flexible storage and our unique panoramic windows. Details really matter, from the contemporary interior design to where we locate the heating, all Adria vehicles are 'designed for living'.


A wide range of sleeping solutions on berths with optimized dimensions and comfortable mattresses. Beds which are easy to access, including light-weight solid construction beds and bedrooms with optimized air circulation.


Contemporary interiors with a feeling of space and great functionality, from the drivers cabin to the dinette and throughout. Double floors with storage and heating, plus large panoramic windows in some models.


New Intelligently-designed kitchens based on ergonomic principles with everything in the right place. Integrated functionalities and market-leading appliances. Useful features and plenty of storage.


Hotel style' bathrooms designed using ergonomic principles, with excellent functionality and touches of luxury. Quality bathroom equipment and useful storage created to maximise space.


Smart-living solutions, including intelligent TV placement, digital controllers for key vehicle functions and on some vehicles and integrated multi-media walls.


Optimized and flexible storage on all vehicles with functional space for all the things you need. With impressive payload and large garage areas, never have to decide between the recreational or mandatory items to take away with you again.

All Adria vehicles are also designed to perform. Everything is meticulously designed, developed and tested to ensure your safety, comfort and enjoyment when on your adventures. Built to enjoy, built to last.


Adria vehicles with 'Comprex' construction now offer a 7 year water ingress warranty, as standard, reflecting the superiority of this unique form of body construction.

Adria's 'Comprex' construction combines the torsional strength of wood, the durability of polyurethane and the moisture-stopping properties of polyester. Body construction with greater solidity for optimum real-world performance and better insulation.

Heating and insulation


All Adria vehicles are built to ‘Thermo-build’ standards, optimizing the use of insulation materials, heating design and Adria Air Flow System. This means all Adria vehicles are suitable around the globe, all year round.


Adria optimizes the heating efficiency of all vehicles with precise engineering and cold-chamber testing. This approach combined with Adria ‘Comprex’ construction and the best insulation enables the elimination of thermal bridges for an efficient, comfortable environment, all year round.

Vehicles offer a choice of heating systems, both are efficient and powerful, each with their own advantages. All Adria motorhomes are available with Truma combination boiler gas and electric blown air heating.

A popular choice, easy to use, with warm air distributed through well placed pipes.

Ventilation & Cooling

Adria vehicles are designed to be comfortable with sophisticated air-flow management, intelligent ventilation, windows with integrated sun-shading and air-conditioning.

Designed for Australia


Adria caravans are designed for comfortable and bright living. Featuring windows and skylights designed to maximise natural light, sophisticated air-flow management, outstanding ventilation, and windows with integrated sun-shading or tinting.


All Adria products are built to suit the conditions of Australian & NZ roads, with each caravan built on market leading AL-KO Engineered Lightweight Galvanised Chassis. These chassis offer a strong yet light frame and world class braking system technology to allow you the confidence of superior stability and road holding driving characteristics.


Adria’s Adora range are fitted with a Truma Combi 4 unit which allows for both heating and warm water in one device. This great heating system is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and best of all it can be utilised without access to mains power.


Every step of the way buying an Adria, makes great financial sense - from the economical price of the van, no necessity to upgrade the tow vehicle, and savings on insurance costs. But perhaps one of the greatest savings begins once you have hit the road. As a lighter and more aerodynamic caravan, the Adria glides along the road with little resistance – and that means fuel savings.


All Adria vehicles are built to ‘Thermo-build’ standards optimizing the use of insulation materials, heating design and Adria Air Flow System. These features truly make Adria caravans suitable for use all year round.


The state of the art ALKO Independent Rubber Suspension (IRS) Axle represents the benchmark in fully independent trailer suspension featuring AL-KO’s unique hexagonal rubber suspension system. Towing instability and dangerous snaking with heavy loads are a thing of the past with the AL-KO IRS.


Ensure the safety of your vehicle and personal belongings with world class security doors fitted as standard on the Adora range. The doors exterior hinged safety glass panel, four point locking system, and highly resistant security mesh allows air to flow through without compromising on strength or safety.


Take your Adria places you’ve never dreamed with our new Sports upgrade available on the full range. Featuring a 16” wheel package, increased ground clearance, larger water tank, and checker plating, this new model is where luxury meets durability.