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Element Evolution

Built as the latest model in the Coromal Evolution range, the Element Evolution is designed for the avid adventurer who loves exploring Australia.

With new and improved design, technologies and construction, the Element Evolution boasts endless features and innovation, setting it aside from the traditionally built caravans that you typically see within the industry.

As with all Coromal | Windsor caravans, the Element Evolution is entirely built at our Brisbane factory by our experienced and dedicated Production and Design team, from concept to design to production.

This caravan is aimed at bringing the customer a demonstrably engineered product that is aligned with contemporary styling. A CNC cut, laminated van simply changes the market comparisons that are made so easily with the planked alternatives in the industry.
Future Teck™ construction brings new and improved functionality and superior ‘strength to weight ratio’, making it the clear choice for our construction method. Using this construction method, we have been able to greatly improve the engineering using a fully rolled aluminium section on the roof fixing.

Effectively, the Element Evolution roof is a one-piece design. The panel starts at the front leading edge of the caravan and finishes at the rear bumper. The seamless, one-piece design means no plastic moulding, less joints and less expansion, while reducing the opportunity of water ingress.

The new FRV chassis is lighter than a standard built chassis. It is manufactured from 550 grade steel – typically used in high-end engineering applications such as the chassis on commercial trucks. Built using laser cut technology and requiring very little welding, all the fixings are of industrial automotive grade. The styling is aimed at evoking the sense of an engineered function, being strong but light-weight and is fully certified and passes FEA analysis. It is labelled to draw attention to the engineered design and the materials.

Using our Esy-Tow™ suspension systems – the Tourer on the base model and the Sport suspension on the RTV model, the Element Evolution provides predictable and easy towing using the leaf or coil spring design which eliminates sideways suspension movement for positive tracking.

Our new light weight ensuite partition is composed of our Future Teck™ sandwich panel construction. The main benefits include being light weight, resistant to water damage (as there is no timber), and is also structurally stronger as it holds the roof and side walls together, while also being used to divide the ensuite wet area from the rest of the van.

Other contemporary features include our FRV automotive glass hopper windows, light weight furniture systems and new shower and drainage unit which is light and modern in style.