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Pioneer Evolution XC

Specs & Floorplans

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We’ve got your suspension Covered for All Australian Condition. 

The Esy-Tow™ suspension provides a predictable and easy towing system using the leaf or coil spring design which eliminates sideways suspension movement for positive tracking.With no axle steer, each wheel is kept in constant linear alignment, offering functional ground clearance so you can travel between Australian roads and dirt tracks with peace of mind.
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Future Teck™

Innovation and technology are imperative at Coromal Windsor. When developing our caravans, it is future performance and longevity that we work towards.

Future Teck™ construction brings new and improved functionality and superior ‘strength to weight ratio’, making it the clear choice for our construction method.

Future Teck™ is made up of composite panel roof and wall construction with honeycomb panel flooring. Composite panel roof and wall systems are made from an exterior fibreglass, a construction-grade foam core and fibreglass internal lining. The layers are chemically bonded into a single sheet, tailored to size using precision cutting technology.

Honeycomb panel flooring is made up of a vertical honeycomb core with internal and external skin components. It provides a high strength, lightweight material which does not absorb water and has excellent corrosion and fatigue resistance.

Future Teck™ construction provides a stronger exterior surface, less vulnerable to damage than traditional aluminium sheeting. The foam insulation core offers energy efficiency, keeping the space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, minimising heating and cooling losses.

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