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At Goldstream RV they are committed to their customers, their brand, their people and their product. They have continued to use only the highest quality materials that are available and in the smartest finish and design that is available in today's marketplace.

However it just isn't about a stunning new look propelling Goldstream RV to the forefront in Camper Trailer design and performance. A majority of their Camper Trailers are built for the adventurous traveller so it all starts from the ground up. They have been extremely mindful that you still want to be able to get into those out of the way places so they have diligently worked to ensure their build and quality is up to standard.

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Goldstream RV


Goldstream RV's Camper Trailer range delivers adventure in a modern, comfortable package. From delicious family meals prepared with care on your BBQ, grill or stove, to intimate conversations or card games at the cosy table, you'll enjoy some great memories when you choose a vehicle in Goldstream's Camper Trailer range. From ample storage for your travel supplies to comfortable beds to a fully equipped kitchen, your Goldstream RV Camper Trailer is the perfect travel companion to bring along as you take to the roadways of Australia. Explore the range to find a Camper Trailer that's right for you.

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A Camper Trailer needs to be comfortable and accessible, yet rugged enough to handle the demands of day-to-day travel across Australia's varied terrain. From the durable wheels and quality tyres, to the various choices in suspension that will help ensure a smooth ride, Goldstream RV's Camper Trailers are built with exceptional quality in mind. Goldstream RV Camper Trailers also come with the option of a laminated, galvanised floor to provide the toughest protection available as you create new memories throughout Australia's rugged terrain.


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Goldstream RV's Camper Trailer range was designed with so much comfort, you might forget that you're in an RV! Spacious drawers, showers, refrigerators, and roll-out stoves are just a few of the perks you'll enjoy in the luxurious Camper Trailer range. When it's time to get some rest from road, stretch out on a comfortable double or queen bed to recharge yourself for another day of exciting travel and unforgettable experiences in your Goldstream RV. Best of all, Goldstream's Camper Trailers come with several different interior designs, meaning you can choose an RV that is perfect for the needs of you and your family. 
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The exterior on the Camper Trailer Range by Goldstream RV were created to look great and perform better. If you're interested in a Camper Trailer that will distinguish yourself and your party on the road, Goldstream's range is the perfect choice. You'll also get the benefit of the best-quality construction in the business: Goldstream focus on crafting durable, long-lasting RV's by using top grade components, they ensure that their customers get qality construction that will last for many years. 

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Go Extreme


Because Goldstream know that RV owners are people who do things their own way, they offer several different packages in their Camper Trailer range. The Aussie Adventure package that offers reinforced eye to eye springs and protection for your water tank, you get to choose from several Camper Trailer varieties when you decide on a Goldstream RV model. For the truly adventurous, the Off Road Camper Package features improved brake hubs, wheel shockers and checker plate protection to keep your vehicle in great shape no matter where you take it.

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