Lunagazer J24 Series

An impressive size caravan that doesn't need a huge 4 wheel drive to tow it. Many mid-sized four wheel drives and family vehicles will pull it all day every day.
There is plenty of space and a layout to suit all kinds of needs.
There are models to optimise open plan living and others to give you the ultimate storage. You can choose queen or single bed layouts.
For those who love their creature comforts, ensuite models feature a full bathroom including toilet, shower and hot running water.
The dining room is fit for a banquet and the kitchen facilities have everything you need to prepare it.


caravan-Length-Icon-21ft_copy.jpg Sleeps-4-Icon_copy.jpg Skygazer_Car-Large-Icon_copy.jpg Skygazer_ac_logo.jpg Ensuite-Icon.png Options-Beds-Icon.png