ALL OUR VANS ARE MANUFACTURED AND ASSEMBLED IN PURPOSE BUILT FACTORIES: State-of-the-art machinery and manufacturing processes ensure exact tolerances and exact fitting of all furniture and hardware associated with the van you purchase.

ALL VANS ARE DESIGNED AND BUILT IN AUSTRALIA: Australian road conditions are unlike anywhere else in the world, and all our layouts are designed, tested and built to meet and exceed the requirements of the conditions we find here.

MERANTI TIMBER FRAMES: All our layouts are built using treated meranti timber frames in the external walls. Meranti is a hardwood that is farmed from regrowth forests, and is superior to aluminium frames because of it's flexibility on our bad roads, is impervious to electrolysis, and is far safer where 240 volt wiring is passing through the framing. Plus ALL LEADER CARAVANS are framed at an average of 230 mm centres, meaning our furniture is attached to the van (glued, screwed, pressed, stapled, and where possible bolted) far more effectively than most aluminum-framed vans. 

AUSTRALIA-WIDE, 12 MONTH WARRANTY: We have over 200 fully-qualified service agents throughout the country, meaning you have instant access to a repairer no matter where you are, should you have a problem while on the road. LEADER CARAVANS back their own products themselves, not merely use an insurance policy, and pay both parts and labour for any work required during the warranty period.

ALL LAYOUTS WEAR THE RVM AUSTRALIA BADGE: Australian design rules and the adherence to them ensure you will take delivery of a safe and reliable van. Not all manufacturers are members of RVMA, and the observance of the Association's rules and regulations is questionable.

UNDER THE SKIN OF OUR CARAVANS: Many vans look the part when it comes to what you can see. But each of our caravans has superior features when it comes to looking under the skin. Features such as 7 main cross members under each layout, one of the largest boots in the business [ with no weight limit], framing at 230 mm centres, full-width doors, full-depth steps at the entry door, thick ply behind the boot and under the aluminium cladding at the front of the van. The list goes on, and these are the reasons your LEADER CARAVAN will look good for years and outlast many others on the market.

ALL FURNITURE IN LEADER CARAVANS IS SPECIFICALLY BUILT FOR USE IN A CARAVAN: The harsher conditions experienced in a caravan mean furniture designed for use in a home is just not viable long-term. Most other van manufacturers use furniture designed for use in the family home, whereas LEADER CARAVANS utilise interlocking tongue and groove system, rebated corners and proper cupboard partitions, and materials that are both light and durable, and designed specifically for R.V. use. These are just some of the lengths LEADER CARAVANS go to ensure your van will give you the long-term durability you deserve in your RV.