Feel more comfort inside

To enjoy good weather and a safe journey in a caravan or motorhome you need windows, rooflights and blinds you can rely on. Seitz products by Dometic are designed to improve your safety and comfort. They are continuously optimised to offer the highest level of protection against unwanted entry or views and provide excellent thermal insulation – just like at home.

Dometic sets the standard

As a leading manufacturer of windows and rooflights for motorhomes and caravans worldwide Dometic knows how to design a perfect weatherproof window system. More than 70% of all European motorhome manufacturers are fitting Seitz framed windows. Several million windows have already been installed worldwide - because Dometic products offer all the experience and competence of Seitz.

Ready to go

If you are looking for a new Heki that offers more comfort and better atmosphere inside your vehicle you expect easy installation. That’s why Seitz windows, skylights and blinds are supplied ready to install. Intelligent design, future-orientated manufacture and finest materials guarantee long endurance for professional demand on the move.

download.png Skylights

Find specifications and information of the latest Dometic's Skylight products in this document. 

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