Technical Tips

How many times have you been waved down to be told your TV antenna is still raised, or a window is not latched, the ceiling vent is still raised? Even the awning unfurling and flapping in the wind and ripping?

Why not be prepared and have a 'Packing Up Checklist' or two; one for the inside and one for the outside. Prevent having any regrets over forgetting to secure your van before travelling.

Here are some ideas for your handy checklist...

General Checklist before the Trip

Wheel Bearings - Grasp the tyres & rock firmly. Is there excessive movement?
Load Mass & Weight - Does the suspension look right, properly distributed & balanced? Is it below the weight limit?
Brakes & Brake Fluid - Do they function correctly? Are your brake fluid levels correct?
Handbrake - Has the handbrake on the caravan/trailer been correctly released?
Tyre Inflation - Are your tyres correctly inflated to suit your van?
Caravan/Trailer Coupling - Are trailer coupling and safety chain/s securely fastened?
Crossed Safety Chains - If two safety chains are fitted, cross them to prevent the draw bar from contacting the road if the trailer becomes disconnected.
Awnings - Is the roll-out awning stored away and locked in position?
Jockey Wheel - Remove jockey wheel from clamp and store in boot or lock in travelling position.
Stabilisers - Are the front & rear stabilisers in up position? Stow the winder in a safe place.
Pop-Tops / Campers - Ensure that all pop-top & camper trailer roof clips are in place.
Gas Cylinders - Check gas levels and if all cylinders are turned off.

Pack-Up Checklist - Inside the van

Hatch down and secured
Shampoos secured
Door secured
Cupboards closed
Hand-towel in sink with toiletries. Shower head placed on towel on floor (prevents marking the walls)

Hatch down and secured
Bed covered
Chairs folded on bed
Cupboards closed
TV secured
TV antenna lowered and secured
Secure crockery and glasses (entwine tea towel around glasses)
Check all window latches

Pack-Up Checklist  - Outside the Van

Empty toilet canister, flush and add toilet chemicals
Store sullage hoses
Turn gas off at bottle
Secure awning properly (velcro straps are handy)
Check the it off?
Secure picnic table

Towing Video

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