Track Trailer is a manufacturer of high performance off road trailers. Their product range is focused primarily on recreational camper systems, but they also manufacture high performance off road trailers for commercial and military use.

Track Trailer is an Australian based and Australian owned company located in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Tracks business has been at the cutting edge of trailer design since 1982.

Track Trailers design and manufacturing processes are based around CAD/CAM which enables them to produce accurate and reliable products to the highest standard with the greatest possible efficiency all the way from design down to their rolling production line. Tracks reputation has been built on their commitment to quality.

Track Trailer Mission Statement

"We create RV's that inspire adventurers and enthusiasts."

Track Trailer strives to exceed customer expectations in quality, delivery, cost and reliability, providing the highest standard in customer support and an inclusive enviroment where the customer feels part of the Track Trailer family.

Through continuous research and improvement, Track Trailer will provide their customers with the security of knowing that they can enjoy their leisure and travel in the most remote locations, equipped with the most reliable, capable and durable off-road camper in Australia.