Track Trailer Mate

The Track MATE is a combination of Track's military heritage, mixed with the modern day needs of the off road tourer.

It's conception dates back to their beginning more than 20 years ago, when Track won and delivered several RAFF, NAVY and MILITARY tenders. They developed ultra-light gear carrying trailers, tandem plant style trailers and specialised satellite trailers which were used for safely navigating minefields.

What you may not know is how big the "following" of their military products has become. They are regularly approached by the public wanting them to build tactical trailers.

While these tactical trailers are proven to be bulletproof, the truth is their sole purpose was to carry munitions and nothing else, so in the real world they wouldn't be the most practical for everyday users.

To this end Track developed the Track MATE which in its most simple form is "gear carrying trailer" with their famous and proven Mc2 Asymmetric Link Suspension.

It's designed to be the most practical, durable and innovative trailer on the market. It features a large storage tub that can be used as a typical trailer to move dirt etc. (Nothing to remarkable, except it can fit two standard sized pallets!).

Utilising the massive "bolt on" roof rack market, the Track MATE comes standard with a sleek aluminium extrusion system, run around front and sides of the tub. This allows direct "plug and play" for most Rhino and Thule systems that are configured for roof racks.

There are plenty of customisation options and different models that vary from the BASE MATE (the gear carrier) to the WEEKEND MATE (a roof top carrier) as well as the TOUR MATE (full side folding soft floor camper) and the TRADE MATE (with a univarsal setup).

In fact it's already been discribed as "A Leatherman on wheels!" by Michael Browning.