Track Trailer Topaz Series II

Sometimes you never know where a great idea will take you, but at Track Trailer the final destination is always the same, somewhere off-road! With that in mind a clean sheet of paper was broken out and the Topaz was born.

This unique RV was designed and developed through years of research in the harshest conditions offered by our great country. The Topaz has shed the skin of a 'conventional caravan' removing wasteful spaces, wooden frames and useless garnishes.



Utilising Track Trailer's proven MC2 Asymmetric Link suspension and a unique hot dipped galvanised chassis, featuring double welded torque tubes and twin Koni shock absorbers, the Topaz is ready to take on any terrain. With an undercarriage developed for rigorous military performance requirements, it enables you to enjoy your off-road experience in comfort and with confidence.

Topaz provides exceptional levels of comfort, performance and quality. Topaz is engineered using state of the art materials and design techniques. Incorporating intelligent assembly processes, the Topaz is built strong to last.