Track Trailer Tvan


The Concept

All Tvans share the same rugged off-road 'DNA'. Based on the same body, chassis, suspension, brakes, coupling etc. The Tvan utilises durable riveted steel and aluminium construction, proven in the harshest outback conditions. Using thick automotive seals and compression catches the cabin and lockers remain dust proof and water free throughout.

When ordering, a Tvans suspension can be customised to match the wheel and tyres of most tow vehicles.

From this platform Track Trailer offer you 4 models to suit your tow vehicle's capabilities, camping preferences and budget. Their Yulara is their ultra-light model, while the Tanami, Canning and Murranji offer more standard features and additional drawbar storage options. Models are identifiable by their highlight colours, Yulara (blue), Tanami (green), Canning (red) and Murranji (orange).

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

                     Yulara                                    Tanami                                       Canning                                              Muarranji           
Standard Specifications on all models:
105 Ah AGM Battery
108L Water Tank with LED Gauge and Hand Pump
Anderson Plug with fuse wired directly to the Battery
Checker Plate Deck
DO35 3.5 tonne fully articulated Off Road Coupling
Drawerbar Spirit Level
Hot Dipped Off Road Chassis with MC2 Military Grade Off Road Suspension
Independently fused Power Box with Volt Meter
LED interior & running Lights
LED Tail Lights
Off Road Electric Brakes and Park Brake
Queen size Bed with HD Foam Mattress
Rear Tent stored in Lock Box
Sail Awning
Twin Aluminium Skins with riveted sandwich panel construction
Twin Roof Hatches with Blinds and Insect Screens
TVAN Models & Options List
DRAWERBAR OPTIONS: (see images at the bottom)   Yulara 


   Canning    Murranji
Drawbar stone deflectors, x4 jerry can holder, spare wheel mount           Opt   STD   STD   STD  
Bike rack mount x1 (requires front pivoting tray)   Opt Opt  Opt  Opt
Portable toilet, drawerbar storage tray & cover  Opt  Opt  Opt  Opt 
Front pivoting tray (not with front box)  Opt  Opt  Opt  Opt 
Front storage half box, sliding drawer & x2 jerry can  Opt Opt  Opt  Opt 
Front storage full box, x2 lockers & sliding drawer in RHS LED light (only on full box) Opt  Opt  Opt  Opt 
Front storage RHS box sliding drawer  Opt  Opt  Opt  Opt 
Kitchen LED light & shield  STD  STD  STD  STD 
Classic kitchen upgrade, x2 burner stove, BBQ tray, windshields, sink/pump/cutlery drawer Opt STD STD STD
Premium kitchen upgrade Larger prep spaces, more storage, 3 burner cook top Opt Opt Opt STD
Fabric lined roof Opt STD STD STD
Firewood rack Opt STD STD STD
2 x 4kg gas bottles fitted to storage tray Opt STD STD STD
Sliding glass windows Opt Opt Opt Opt
Lockable pannier doors x1 (max2, specify LHS or RHS)(not dust proof) Opt Opt Opt Opt
Kitchen shelf Opt Opt Opt N/A
Solar power 40W fixed  STD  STD  STD  N/A 
Solar power 60W fixed upgrade  Opt  Opt  Opt  STD 
Battery charger 7 Stage 15A fitted  Opt  Opt  STD  STD 
Battery monitor upgrade in power box Opt Opt STD STD
Battery - 2nd 105Ah 25A charger (upgrade from 15A) N/A N/A Opt Opt
Battery - 2nd 105Ah 25A charger (Yulara/Tanami) Opt Opt N/A N/A
40 Amp DC to DC Redarc 12V charger + solar Opt Opt Opt Opt
Inverter 300W Pure Sine - fitted Opt Opt Opt Opt
Roof storage system Opt Opt STD STD
Side wall storage pockets Opt Opt STD STD
Fan - 3 speed with timer 12V Opt Opt STD STD
LED interior lights - upgrade x2 Opt Opt STD STD
240V outlets x2 at kitchen Opt Opt Opt STD
AM/FM/CD radio MP3 Player Opt Opt Opt STD
Fabric lined bedhead Opt Opt Opt STD
Under mattress liner Opt Opt Opt STD
Storage locker LED light Opt Opt Opt STD
Rear hatch LED light Opt Opt Opt STD
Water Tank - 2nd 70L with gauge and pump Opt Opt Opt Opt
Bed tie down rails (pair) Opt Opt Opt Opt
Under bed storage box 40 litre (each) Opt Opt Opt Opt
Fabric lined rear hatch Opt Opt Opt Opt
Innerspring pillow top mattress upgrade Opt Opt Opt Opt
Interior canvas seats (pair) Opt Opt Opt Opt
Rear insect screen  Opt  Opt  STD  STD 
Rear canvas screen - with mesh window/door  Opt  Opt  Up/G  Up/G 
Additional Tent windows x3 Opt Opt Opt STD
Family room Opt Opt Opt Opt
Ensuite tent Opt Opt Opt Opt
Tropical roof (in lieu of catch net) Opt Opt STD STD
Awning roof, kitchen end & fridge wall  Opt  OPT STD STD
(no window)  Opt  Opt  Opt Opt
Complete attachment awning walls, including Annex ens wall (tent end) & annex front wall only (2 x windows & door) & draught skirt kit Opt Opt Opt Opt
Separate 2nd end wall (tent only) Opt Opt Opt Opt
Window upgrade for end walls Opt Opt Opt Opt
Separate draught skirt Opt Opt Opt Opt
Separate annex front wall (2 x windows & door) Opt Opt Opt Opt
Jerry can metal  Opt  Opt  Opt  Opt 
Jerry can plastic Opt Opt Opt Opt
Portable Aqua Cube Logic Opt Opt Opt Opt
Portable  toilet Opt Opt Opt Opt
Ratchet jockey wheel AL-KO upgrade Opt Opt Opt Opt
Ratchet jockey wheel Maco Mule upgrade Opt Opt Opt Opt
Storage cover, fits all configurations Opt Opt Opt Opt
Bump stop system for 33" wheels Opt Opt Opt Opt
Electric brake controller Tekonsha P3 only Opt Opt Opt Opt


Tvan Drawbar Options:
Yulara Drawbar. A light weight stone bar, with gas bottle storage. Exclusively designed to achieve a light ball weight.                                                           5.jpg
1. Standard drawbar frame on Tanami, Canning & Murranji. Storage of up to 4 x jerrry cans, 2 x gas bottles & 1 x spare wheel, with large metal stone guards to protect the body. 6.jpg
2. Optional Front pivoting tray with capacity for 50kgs payload. 7.jpg
3. Optional Tray / Rack with fitted bike racks. 8.jpg
4. Optional Front storage half box. Featuring filtered air vents, sliding fridge tray and constant 12V power. 4 x jerry can holders, 2 x gas bottle holders and 1 x spare wheel carrier.  9.jpg

5. Optional Front storage full box, featuring two separately sealed compartments, one for generic storage and the other for a fridge with slide, filtered air vents and constant 12V power. Also accommodating 1 x spare wheel carrier and 2 x gas bottles.


(optional right hand side)