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Explore The windsor Range

With a history spanning over 40 years of crafting some of Australia's top-performing caravans and campers, Windsor RVs adapt to meet the changing needs of travelling Aussies. Each Windsor is thoughtfully constructed with your practical needs in mind, while adding home-like touches for adventures that are nothing short of exciting.


* Starting from price indicates the starting price within the range of this model. Prices within this model will vary based on features, floorplans and upgrades.
** Min Rec ATM indicates the minimum recommended ATM weight of a vehicle towing this RV. For more information about this please contact George Day Caravans.

Why windsor

The Windsor caravan is a household name in Australia and is now set to lead the industry with its latest Genesis release.

Manufactured by Apollo Tourism and Leisure Ltd. in their Brisbane-based factory using cutting-edge construction technologies, the Windsor Genesis range offers superior insulation and reduced weight properties.

Designed to redefine the industry standard, this premium caravan range caters to solo travelers, couples, and families alike.